moneyWeekend Job stands for one thing:  Making Money.  This is our goal.  We are all born in some type of situation that we had no control over, but sometimes this leaves us at a disadvantage, and sometimes it helps us out.  But the true struggle is when we are financially at a loss before we even start.

This type of life leads to a lesser education, which only futher makes it difficult for us to get our finances in order.  When we don’t know how to handle our money and don’t understand investments and savings, then it’s almost impossible for us to allow our money to earn us even more money.  Oftentimes, under privelaged people end up resorting to less than legal methods of earning money.

The purpose of this website then is to help educate the young.  We want to talk about balancing a checkbook.  We want to talk about putting a percentage of your earnings into savings.  We want to teach about debit cards and credit cards.  Young folks need to learn about compound interest.  That is why we are building this website.  To teach about annuities.  To teach about handling your money so you don’t have to take on a second job or a weekend job.  This knowledge is like knowing how to pan for gold!  If all this makes you nervous, just relax.  Take some olive leaf extract and relax!  Have a healthy diet full of fruits and fish!  We’ll teach you the ropes.  You’ll be in business in no time!  There is no need to go stamp “panic disorder” on your medical bracelets!  You are in good hands here!

We intend to link to many different resources out there that help provide a financial education on a level that anyone can understand it.  You gotta know how to balance a check book, read your power bill, and more.  Learn how to cut back on your power bill.  We don’t have a need for jargon and complicated nonsense.  We just want to cover the basics so that under-disadvantaged children can begin to level the playing field for themselves.  This makes life fair and equal in some sense.  We will all be springing forth from the same base level money wise as far as knowledge goes, and this will be a big help.

So let us educate ourselves and others.  Let’s talk about stocks and bonds.  Let’s talk about certificates of deposit.  Let’s talk about how to not fall for how to make fast money rip-offs.  Let’s talk about annuities and retirement.  Let’s talk about hourly wages and salaries.  Let’s do this!